All of the music on this page was made with a pair of Nintendo Gameboys running special sofware called LSDJ. Most of them are sub-par, but give 'em a listen anyway! :D
"NAND's sophomore album 'Kernel Panic' is slightly better, I guess."
- Rebecca Dobbins
"Meh. I guess it's alright."
- Yolanda Jackson
"If you like talky wavs, overly used arps, and stupid noise channels, I'd say 'Kernel Panic' is for you."
- Jessica Johnson
Spurious Interrupt
Zero Divide
Privilege Violation
Bus Error

"NAND's debut album 'Analog' is a passible attempt at music."
- Thomas Owens
"A somewhat coherent mix of mediocre LSDJ dance and slower, more boring songs."
- Ryan Walsh
"NAND doesn't really know how to compose music, so listen at your own risk."
- Candice Jones
Sugar High
Finite State Machine
The End

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