WARNING: A while back I upgraded from PHP 4 to PHP 5 and it broke a lot of projects on this site. I'm sorry. You might have been slightly impressed by some of the projects, but I guess you'll never know how cool they were when they worked. Maybe someday I'll have the spare time to fix the broken ones.
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I have a bad habit of not finishing things.

Things Worth Clicking

  1. snek
  2. Turing Machine
  3. Realtime Twitter Public Timeline BROKEN
  4. According to Google
  5. How Do I Fucking Feel?!
  6. Pure Javascript Scrollbars
  7. The Repository BROKEN
  8. Canvas
    1. Tetris
    2. Squares
    3. Drips
    4. Drip Mouse
    5. Tiles
    6. Waterfall

Things That Suck, Are Broken, and/or Unfinished

  1. awesomeChat
  2. CSS Sprites
  3. Graphs
  4. Hightech Lingo Generator
  5. phpEdit
  6. Squares
  7. Terminal
  8. WebDev
  9. WebTag